Partnerships & Awards


Below are all of ACK's current and past donors. Leaving aside the financial support we receive from them, what is important to us is that we continue to receive professional guidance as well.

Prishtina Municipality

Ministry of Education, Science, Tech. and Innov.

Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports

UN Mission in Kosovo

United Youth Task Force

Innovations Lab Kosovo

Peer Educators Network


Forum for Civic Initiatives 

Youth Initiative for Human Rights


Kosovo United States Alumni

American Corner Pristina


Italian Embassy to Kosovo


You see more and work better when you have more eyes and hands. We are thankful for the partnerships we have created through-out our journey.




Visions of Beyond Festival

Europe House Kosovo

Art Without Limit

Kosova Ideas


Innovation Centre Kosovo


Ipko Foundation

French International School of Pristina

Youth & Sports Center

Mural Fest Kosova

UTALAYA Foundation

American Paper Optics

SKY & Telescope

Astronomy Magazine

Bresser GmbH

Explore Scientific

Slooh Observatory

Davis Instruments

European Southern Observatory


Great things, have small beginnings. Representing Kosovo world-wide.

NC' Astronomers Without Borders

OR' International Astronomical Union

NOC' IAU - Office for Astronomy Outreach

NEC' IAU - Office for Astronomy for Education

NDC' IAU - Office for Astronomy for Development

Brand Ambassador of Teleskop Service

Explore Scientific Alliance Ambassador

OR' of Stars Shine for Everyone

NC' World Space Week

OR' Daystar Filters

OA' Solar Activity

OR' Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers

NC' International Dark-Sky Association

BA' Meade Inst. & Coronado

Brand Ambassador of Bresser GmbH

OR' On the Moon Again

Shortcuts: NC'* National Coordinator; IAU'* International Astronomical Union; NOC'* National Outreach Coordinator; NEC'* National Education Coordinator; NDC'* National Development Coordinator; BA'* Brand Ambassador; AA'* Alliance Ambassador; OR'* Official Representative; OA'* Official Affiliate.